A happy quarantine Triduum story

One of my former students, a graduate of Wyoming Catholic College, ended up teaching a K-12 school to support his family. Looking to supplement his income, he acquired an old property originally established in 1826 with seven houses on it.

When COVID-19 swept the country and everyone had to work from home, he invited many of his friends to join him in a group quarantine on his property. They had a number of married couples with kids, as well as a house for singles, and all together they holed up in their village behind a strong wall of isolation. Quite a few were WCC grads, and one current student joined them when WCC sent everyone home.

Having a community, they worshiped as a community, celebrating what they called “non-Masses” using the readings and texts of the Mass (but dropping the parts you would need a priest for). And of course, they planned the Triduum as a community. So:

On Holy Thursday they did a big Passover reenactment dinner, using the materials I posted here. (That’s why they got in touch with me originally.)

For Good Friday, they built an enormous cross (nine feet by six feet) and outdoor Stations of the Cross, and they carried the cross from station to station.

For Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil, they’re building huge bon fires at each of the seven bon-fire pits on the property, and they will do each of the seven Scripture readings for the Vigil at one of the bon fires.

This kind of real community is what WCC was built to foster. It is a joy and a consolation to me in these strange times to know that I have had anything to do with creating an island for the laity to have a Triduum. Praise God!

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Author: Dr. Holmes

Dr. Jeremy Holmes teaches Theology at Wyoming Catholic College. He lives in Wyoming with his wife, Jacinta, and their eight children.

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