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I am always wishing I had bookmarked that one really useful Latin resource, or wishing that I remembered my bookmarks, or wishing that the best Latin gidgits were all collected somewhere.  So I use this page to collect them.

Words Latin Dictionary.  Beyond doubt the handiest digital Latin dictionary out there.  You can enter your word exactly as you find it in your text, and Words will actually parse it for you.  It also has more medieval words than any other digital dictionary I have encountered.

Lewis and Short.  A super-handy, digitized version of the classic lexicon.  You can even download it for use without the Internet here.

Forcellini.  The mind-bogglingly exhaustive lexicon is now searchable!  But the original .pdf files are also available here.

Lexicon Morganianum.  The best online guide to modern, everyday Latin.  How do you say “computer” or “keyboard” in Latin?  Check here.

Wagner’s Latin Thesauras.  Who knew these things existed?!

Cornelius a Lapide.  A marvelous commentary on Scripture that takes up a full shelves in physical volumes.  The only aggravating thing is that you have to figure out which volume is a commentary on which book of Scripture.

Clementine Vulgate.  Of all the online editions of Jerome’s famous Latin translation of Scripture, this is the most accessible and readable I have found.  You can also download the entire Vulgate text here.

Beza’s New Testament.  This is one of those interesting phenomena, the high-level humanist translation of the Greek New Testament into Latin.  It’s fun to compare to the Clementine.

Castellio’s New Testament.  Here’s another humanist translation of the New Testament.  A number of these things were created!

Dictionary of the Vulgate Psalter.  This dictionary addresses just the vocabulary needed for reading or reciting the Psalms in Latin from the Vulgate.

Bibliotheca Latina.  This Google Doc collects links to Latin texts arranged by Latin difficulty level, from easiest to most difficult.  No matter where your Latin skills are, you can find something to read here.

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