FTT #89

While in Chicago recently, my friends and I attended Mass at the Cathedral.  About two minutes after we left, my friend Rick realized that he had forgotten his hat, a weather-beaten old baseball cap.  He went back to get it.

We proceeded to dine at Harry Carry’s Restaurant–where I was introduced to that amazing beer, La Fin du Mond, but that’s another post.  Anyhow, about one minute after we left, Rick realized that he had forgotten his hat, and went back to get it.

As he rejoined the group, I scrutinized his head gear more closely.  “You know,” I commented, “now that I look at it, that hat is pretty forgettable!”

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Author: Dr. Holmes

Dr. Jeremy Holmes teaches Theology at Wyoming Catholic College. He lives in Wyoming with his wife, Jacinta, and their eight children.

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