FTT #101 – Bonus!

And here a few odds and ends:

Bernadette plays Christmas music on the piano non-stop.  Tina walks around singing, at the top of her lungs, “WE THREE KINGS OF OIL AND TAR!”

A couple of days ago Tina pointed to the non-functioning light in the bathroom ceiling:  “That light bulb needs a new battery!”

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FTT #100

A few days ago, I discovered that the boys were not done with their school because they had played around with learning about computers and programming all day.  Dire threats were assembled and hung above their heads, and they rushed out to the living room to deal with the emergency.

First, they set up a new screensaver on their computer that said, “School time!”  Then they spent an hour figuring out how to make it rotate and blink different colors.

Ya know, we try….

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FTT #99

Seeing that I would not keep up an FTT for every day of the year, I decided I should at least reach 100.  This penultimate post is one that I meant to put up quite a while ago:

Tina emerged from the downstairs, shouting about a spider in the downstairs bathroom that was “as big as the bathroom!  It came in through a crack in the wall!”

When asked how a spider as big as the bathroom itself could fit through a crack in one of the bathroom walls, she grew thoughtful.  “It squished,” she decided.

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