FTT #65

Today we celebrated Isaiah’s ninth birthday.  He is our mischievous one; I joke with Jacinta about starting a bank account for Isaiah to save up for bail money.  This meant he was the perfect kid for the tricksy, self-relighting birthday candles!

Zay Candles

He actually had them all out at one moment, so even though they re-lit a moment later we gave him credit for blowing out his candles.  He thought the trick candles were a lot of fun and very funny, and gave us that unique Isaiah-chortle.

Incidentally, you can see that the cake is shaped like the letter I.  “That’s for ‘Ichabod,'” I explained to him.  [Chortle!]

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Author: Dr. Holmes

Dr. Jeremy Holmes teaches Theology at Wyoming Catholic College. He lives in Wyoming with his wife, Jacinta, and their eight children.

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